Record a short review video and get a £25 gift coupon from us!

Follow these 3 simple steps and get a coupon worth £25!

1. Grab your smartphone

  • Smartphones are enough to record a customer review video for us
  • You can also use a tablet
  • Make sure the sound quality is good and you can be clearly heard

2. Record the review video

  • Aim for 30s-90s duration
  • Mention how you benefited from owning the product and what you like about it (you can also show what you like about it, e.g. how stretchy the running socks are, how big are the pockets of running belts)
  • Make sure to be visible (your face) and ensure that the product is visible too
  • Record the footage using horizontal plane of view
  • Mention the product name (e.g. compression socks, running belt) and our brand name: Running Ready

3. Send it to us

  • You can send us the video directly from your smartphone
  • Email it to
  • By sending us the footage and claiming your coupon you consent to its use on our website and social media

You'll receive your coupon within 2 days after sending us the video